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Providing best-in-class real estate management service.
Relationship and performance driven!

Northpoint, a founder-led business, is a full-service property management company for long-term single and multifamily rental homes with 40+ office locations across the US. Northpoint manages both commercial and residential real estate for thousands of clients across the US, including some of the world’s largest-institutional investors.

“Northpoint is serious about performance backed by transparency through real-time access.”

—Adam R. Haleck, CEO

Meet Our Team

Northpoint's management services are controlled by an experienced executive and board committee. One of the key value propositions that Northpoint offers to clients is a high priority on the recruitment and treatment of its employees and independent contractors.

Board of Directors

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Management Team

Northpoint is committed to provide best-in-class real estate management services.
Relationship and performance driven for over 18 years.

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